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About Total Gym

Total Gym is the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment for functional training and weight training. Founded in 1974, the products of this company (based in the San Diego American) used in 14,000 clinical physiotherapy, training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams and health clubs, inspiring more than 24 million worldwide exercises per year.

The Total Gym has a long relationship with the American Telecast Products, LLC, which was the first to introduce the «Total Gym bodyweight trainer» as an instrument on the market with the longest broadcasting information in history, selling more than four million pieces .

Now, with distribution in more than 23 countries, the Total Gym continues to lead the industry with functional exercise machines with award-winning program for sports «GRAVITY Inside» and the new «Total Gym Elevate Circuit», a series of six simple, smart And easy to use stand-alone instruments for the gym.

The future

Since the mid-1980s, Total Gym has adopted functional products that complement and enhance exercise based on all people. With neoschediasmeno «Elevate Circuit» -which includes the latest additions Total Gym Jump Trainer and Total Gym Row Trainer- the Elevate Circuit bridges the gap between the exikefmeno equipment and operating cages in gyms.

These autonomous units are proof that Total Gym products support a functional training philosophy using dynamic physical movement. This philosophy ensures that Total Gym products will always be effective for users of all types, sizes, ages and fitness levels.

As leaders in the fitness industry, the Total Gym is always innovative, with quality and outstanding products, increasing its global renown.