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The new Official Indoor Volleyball is here!


The Mikasa V200W impresses with the first look. It has a totally balanced 18-panel aerodynamic design (versus the 9-panel MVA200) that improves the movement of the ball and gives players more control.


The choice of the colors maximizes the quality of the game. The dominating yellow color, is perceived quicker by athletes and spectators. Blue creates streaks to make the ball easily visible at high speeds. It has also been found that the new coloring  is better visible on television broadcasts and the viewer has a better view of the match.


The double-dimpled microfiber surface stabIlizes the flight path of the ball and creates additional cushioned ball control, whilst the anti-sweat functionality “Nano Balloon Silica” prevents the surface of the ball from becoming slippery during intense play. It absorbs the athlete’s beating force,  turning it, into speed.


The Official FIVB Game Ball!
Exceeds the FIVB’s homologation standards and passed stringent testing protocols, carried out by leading national teams and clubs over the last six months. The V200W will make its debut at the 2019 FIVB Volleyball World Cup.