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Our Digital Channel: eldico.gr/youtube
ELDICO SPORT SA, responding to the increasing needs of a modern business environment, improves its services by broadcasting through its own channel eldico.gr/youtube

iIncrease your sales through Video Marketing
YouTube was created in 2005. In 2006 was awardes as “the invention of the year” by Times magazine. According to the Annual Social Networking Survey 2013-2014 by the Athens University of Economics and Business and the ELTRUN Lab, YouTube is the first in popularity in Greece, from all Social Media. In 2015 it was the year of Video Marketing. Businesses find more and more ways to use videos to reach their customers.

Video Marketing in numbers
According to Ascend2 (Research-Based Marketing)
for 2015, videos increasing:
47% brand awareness
45% engagement
43% customer update information
41% actions
34% conversion rate
26% overall income

What are you waiting for? Start Now!
85% of companies, are saying that video marketing
led their companies to success
Enrich your Web Page or E-shop with the ELDICO SPORT SA YouTube Channel and increase your sales.

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