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All Star Game “Syros 2019”: Greek Volleyball stars with AMILA and MIKASA products

“Syros Trip to Time” is written on the central banner that is posted at Dimitris Vikelas’s gym in Ermoupolis and the Greek men’s volleyball literally made a trip in time with the stars of the 11 Volley League teams to offer a unique spectacle and ELDIKO SPORT SA to participate in this, through the AMILA products he provided for the races and, of course, the MIKASA products, the protagonist of the official MIKASA MVA200 championship ball.
Both people in Syros Island  and the TV viewers, enjoyed a unique 150 minute show that had spectacle, nice phases, and many surprises. The scene and the scenario of the event had been edited by top professionals of the kind, while Mike Feudedakis presented it. The result was impressive without delays and a rich television result that featured Greek men’s volleyball and the Volley League in every corner of the planet through ERT TV.

Greek team victory
The All Star team of Greece defeated the All Star team of Xenon 2-1 (22-25, 25-21, 16-14). The match had many unexpected and distinct moments with Dimitris Andreopoulos fighting for the Greek trainer and Pavlishev to make the penultimate serve of the match.

MVP Charalambos Andreopoulos
The most valuable athlete of the event was Charalambos Andreopoulos of Panathinaikos. The vote was made exclusively by the athletes of the two teams. Panathinaikos’ “little” celebrated his distinction with all his teammates.
Theodoros Voulkidis won the speed-of-service contest with 115.4 km (ball speed).
Olympiakos’s Finnish trainer, Emmy Tervaporti, turned out to be the best trainer in goal contest and Olympiacos, Gavin Smith, won the Best Attack Competition.

Honor to Dimitris Palioporta
He was honored for his contribution to the sport by the former president of the AO. Phoenix Syros, Dimitris Palioporta. The prize on his behalf was received by Manolis Vamvakousis friend and companion during the presidency of Palioporta at the AO. Phoenix. The president gave the award to the AO. Phoenix Syros Dimitris Arvanitis, on behalf of ESAP and the athlete and president of PASAP Panayiotis Pelekoudas, on behalf of the athletes.

Thanks to Mr. Chatzimarkos and Leontaritis
ESAP CEO Pantelis Tarnatoros gave commemorative plaques to South Aegean Periphery, George Hadjimarkos, and the anti-peripharmist, Giorgos Leontaritis, for their contribution to the event. Mr. Chatzimarkos and Leonaritis awarded the winners.