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GRAVITY & AMILA in Pilates Beyond Basics 3

The three-day Pilates Beyond Basics 3 Seminar, which was held at the Emilios Riadis Hall at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition, was successfully completed on Sunday, February 24.

ELDIKO SPORT S.A was there to present the complete AMILA series and the GRAVITY system, with Christina Pantazopoulou and Katerina Mamtzeri.

GRAVITY fitness is a pioneering workout that activates multiple muscle groups using body weight as resistance to gravity.

The dynamic pulley system and Total Gym’s GTS sloping platform platform offer more than 250 exercise, stretching and pilates exercises, providing a unique sporting experience focused on strength, endurance, mobility and stability, ideal for all ages and skills.

GRAVITY is the world’s leading exercise program that optimizes the skills of fitness professionals to the fullest extent, enabling them to work in small group of trainees or in personal training, cost-effectively and economically with Total Gym machines.

In the GRAVITY training system, the professional fitness instructor can create aerobic, strength and endurance workouts. It can include it in boot camps, intermittent training exercises, and exercises inspired by Yoga and Pilates.

GRAVITY inspires trainees’ participation in training, enabling the maximum use of GTS’s award-winning Total Gym GTS product in both a gym and a boutique studio that wants to stand out in a pioneering way.